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Who are we?

John Fielding Community Special School has a long and positive history of providing support for pupils with a range of Special Educational needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Our Outreach Service consists of a team of specialist teachers and support staff who have experience and expertise in dealing with a range of SEND and related issues, including autism and complex needs.  They are led by our Autism Specialist Teacher, Anthony Bowen.

We work in partnership with the Working Together Team (WTT), a fully commissioned service providing SEND support and advice to schools and families across Lincolnshire.

  What do we do?

Our vision is to provide effective support for pupils and staff in mainstream schools across the Boston and Sleaford area. 

We work with pupils and staff in local authority funded school settings, Academies or Free Schools.  We work with pupils from 2 – 19. There is no necessity for the pupil to have a specific diagnosis or a statement of special educational needs.

We aim to share excellent practice with mainstream schools, in order to support the successful inclusion of pupils with a range of SEND in their school settings. The primary aim of the service is to improve outcomes for pupils with moderate, severe and complex learning needs, including those with Social Communication difficulties or those on the Autism Spectrum.

We achieve this by building the mainstream schools capacity through offering support for individual pupils, general support for schools, providing or arranging training and advising on resources.

 How do we do it?


Pupils can be referred by the school, therapists or other professionals already involved. A short questionnaire or discussion will enable the Outreach Co-ordinator to make a decision as to whether our service can provide the support asked for or may signpost to a more relevant service.

 We will work with the professionals already involved to ensure that there is no duplication of service or conflicting advice given.

Our Core Offer:

Pupil centred support:

- Preliminary visit, undertaken by a qualified teacher, to provide a baseline for future work.  This visit will consist of discussion with staff, observation(s) of pupil(s) and possible discussion with parents if the school feels this is appropriate.

- An appropriate number of follow up sessions to support the implementation and monitoring of the agreed strategies will also be offered.

- A written report of each session will be provided as a record of the visit and an aide memoir to staff of strategies and interventions to try.


School focussed support:

- Preliminary consultation to decide needs of staff.

 - Training – small groups of staff or whole school training through our own trainers or provided by an external trainer.

Access to our school for raising awareness of specialist resources.

- Strategies offered:

- Mentoring and coaching for TA/SENCO/TEACHER

- Exemplar teaching including the use of resources and materials


Advice relating to: 

- Targets and the learning environment

- Assessment procedures

- Classroom management issues

- Relevant curriculum access and differentiation

- Structuring the curriculum, routines and schedules

- Behaviour management – if associated with an additional impairment

- Communication strategies including using signs and symbols

- Multi- sensory teaching

- Social stories & Comic Strip Conversations

- Appropriate teaching strategies relevant to specific impairments

- Manual Handling (in agreement with St Francis' School)

- Transition support.

- Individual Education Plans

- Pen portraits.


Leading staff meetings on: 

- Whole school approaches to the inclusion of pupils with SEN

- Behaviour management

- Target setting

Small steps to learning/learning styles

Curriculum planning

- Equipment

Assessment methods


Disability Awareness

The writing and assessment of Individual Education Plans.


 Autism Education Trust Website

 For more information please contact us:

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Dr Richard Gamman: Head Teacher: